About PAGE

The Physics and Astronomy Graduate Executive (PAGE), which came into being in September of 1995, was the outcome of a consultation process initiated by then graduate program director Marshall McCall. The objective of the consultation was, in broad terms, to identify actions which could be taken to improve the graduate student experience in Physics and Astronomy at York. The task of devising a solution was given to two students, Carl Wolfe and Hong Ma, who spent several months brainstorming and talking with their fellow grad students. In the end it was decided that a very simple structure should be put into place to deliver such things as an annual orientation meeting for new students, an ongoing graduate student seminar series, the establishment of a preprint shelf in the (former) Petrie Tea Room, and the maintenance of a then sorely-needed graduate computing facility in Petrie 263.

In short, the ultimate goal is to have a voice in Graduate Student Association, Faculty of Graduate Studies, and Physics and Astronomy Departmental Meetings. PAGE representatives participate in the GSA, FGS, and departmental meetings. They, on behalf of all graduate students in Physics and Astronomy, vote on different issues at these various meetings. This is why it is important to elect executive members as they represent all Physics & Astronomy graduate students at the university and departmental levels. Furthermore, PAGE has begun to organize social events to improve on the inter-connectivity of physics graduate students.

PAGE had no official website or any email address until 2007, when Alireza Rafiee gathered all the information about the past and present activities of the PAGE and took the initiative to create an official website and an email address for PAGE. Previously, members hosted this website on personal servers. The maintenance and update of this website continues to be the responsibility of PAGE members. The original website (hosted by google’s blogger) has since been closed and moved to its current position (yorku.ca/page).