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The 2006 Uakari conference

When: August 3rd, 2006
Where: Vari Hall C (Number 30)

This is an all physics student conference presented by the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Executive. Students will present 10 minute talks and take a few questions at the end. The goal is to inform each other of our research interestes and persuits and to practice our presentation skills with a friendly audience. All graduate and undergraduates are encouraged to attend.
To present a talk in the conference, please send an email to the president of the PAGE.

Attendance is free. We strongly encourage graduate students to participate this event.

Organizing Committee:

Alireza Rafiee arafiee@yorku.ca
Brynle Barrett bbarrett@yorku.ca
Carson Mok cmok@yorku.ca
Edward Ackad eackad@yorku.ca (Chair of the Organizing Committee)

About the Red Uakari :

The red uakari is a medium-sized monkey weighing about 4 kg (9 lb). The swamp forests that it lives in are periodically flooded. Uakaris are diurnal and are often found in the tops of large trees. Most of the uakari’s diet consists of fruit, but leaves, seeds, insects and small animals are also consumed. Troops of uakaris have been reported to include up to 50 individuals. They usually forage for food in much smaller groups but rejoin the troop to sleep. One young is born every 2 years.
Source: animalinfo