The PAGE Executive and Contact Information

Alexander Pouliot
Contact Info: page@yorku.ca
Profile: Alex is a 4th year PhD candidate studying Atomic Molecular and Optical physics under Prof. Kumarakrishnan.
VP Finance
Mizanur Rahman
Contact Info: mizanur@yorku.ca
Profile: Mizanur is a MSc student working on heat transport under Prof. Simone Pisana.
Nelson Nunes
Contact Info: nvnunes@yorku.ca
Profile: Nelson is a MSc student working on tests of General Relativity under Prof. Norbert Bartel.

Description of Duties:

President: S/he is responsible for coordinating all of the activities.
VP Internal: S/he acts as an assistant to the president coordinating and running events.
VP Finance: S/he keeps record of the expenses.
GSA Rep: S/he is a member of the Council of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). S/he participates in the GSA council meeting to look after our benefits and needs.
PAD Rep: S/he is the graduate students representative in the Physics and Astronomy Departmental meeting (PAD). S/he participates in the Departmental meetings to look after our benefits.

Previous PAGE Committee Members:

18-19 Alexander Pouliot, Nelson Nunes
17-18 Hermina Beica
16-17 Hugh Podmore, Hermina Beica, Azita Jovaini, Keavin Moore, Paul Oh
15-16 Alex Terrana, Hugh Podmore, Richard Thai
14-15 Alex Terrana, Lewis Wei Lin, Naif Al-Salem
13-14 Jesse Rogerson, Naif Al-Salem, George Conidis, Gabriel Palacino
12-13 Jesse Rogerson
11-12 Jesse Rogerson, Lianne Manzer, Carson Mok
10-11 Carson Mok, Panagiotis Vergados, Jesse Rogerson
09-10 Alireza Rafiee, Carson Mok, Panagiotis Vergados
08-09 Alireza Rafiee, Carson Mok, Brynle Barrett, Panagiotis Vergados
07-08 Edward Ackad, Carson Mok, Brynle Barrett, Alireza Rafiee
06-07 Edward Ackad, Carson Mok, Brynle Barrett, Alireza Rafiee
05-06 Edward Ackad, Carson Mok, Brynle Barrett, Alireza Rafiee
04-05 Scott Beattie, Eric Rotberg