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The Monthly Optical Video Interactive Entertainment Night

We have started a Monthly Optical Video Interactive Entertainment night this year. We hope to make this MOVIE night the best opportunity to hang out and get know each other in a social setting. We can enjoy watching an optical video as we enjoy our colleagues’ company and free pizzas, pop and snacks. To make this night even more special, we sometimes raffle the DVD off to one of the participants at random. So come on in and enjoy the MOVIE with us. Say goodbye to your computer or your research for a couple of hours and enjoy a normal social life. It will be fun, (believe me!) and you will be refreshed. You can even work harder after that. Here is how you can find more about the MOVIE night:

New Event:

  • Event Title: No events scheduled until October 2008
    When: TBA

    Where: 315 PSE
  • Previous Events:
    2008, March
    2008, February
    2007, October

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