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The 2005 Capuchin conference

When: August 25th, 2005
Where: Senate Chambers (9th Floor North Ross)

This is an all physics student conference presented by the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Executive. Students will present 10 minute talks and take a few questions at the end. The goal is to inform each other of our research interestes and persuits and to practice our presentation skills with a friendly audience. All graduate and undergraduates are encouraged to attend.
To present a talk in the conference, please send an email to the president of the PAGE.
Attendance is free. We strongly encourage graduate students to participate this event.

Organizing Committee:

Scott Beattie beattie@yorku.ca (Chair of the Organizing Committee)
Eric Rotberg rotbergt@yorku.ca
Conference Schedule:
Time Speaker
9:45 Reception
10:00 Opening
10:10 Cody Storry
10:30 Allan Bayntun
10:50 Dan Comeau
11:10 Eric Rotberg
11:30 Scott Beattie
11:50 Nathalie Zhou
Lunch Provided by PAGE
1:00 Iain Chan
1:20 Luciano Lombardi
1:40 Ross Baker
2:00 Yiannis Haranas
2:20 Jerusha Lederman
2:40 Alireza Rafiee
3:00 closing
About the Capuchin Monkey :
Life Span: 15 – 20 years
Size: Head and Body = 12 – 22 inches, Tail 12 – 22 inches
Capuchin Monkeys are diurnal and aboreal animals. The origin of the name comes from the appearance of a black skullcap of the monkeys: in French: “capuce”. The capuchin monkey’s hair is very similar to the cowl worn by Franciscan monks. The Capuchin’s hand is similar to the human hand, as with all other primates. The thumbs and big toes of the capuchin monkey are opposable to the other fingers and toes. The head of the animal is round with dark hair at the back. The tail is long, hairy and prehensile, and serves as an anchor or prop when travelling through trees.