Call for Abstracts 2010

Hi all,

The Phyisics and Astronomy Graduate Executive is proud to announce the 2010
PAGE Conference held Thursday October 14, 2010 in Room 121 Chemistry Building,
York University.

All topics related to research in physics, astronomy and atmospheric physics
are welcome. The aim of this issue is to highlight the ongoing research in these
areas, with a particular emphasis on the graduate studies being conducted at
York University. This conference provides an opportunity for students to
present their work in an interdisciplinary environment.
This year, we have our annual student competition for the Ralph Nicholls
award with a monetary value of $100 for the first winner. Prizes will also be
awarded to the second and third place.

Submission guidelines:
Abstracts should be submitted via email to:
vergados [at] yorku [dot] ca
rogerson [at] yorku [dot] ca
or cmok [at] yorku [dot] ca

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 5, 2010
Notice of acceptance: October 7, 2010

Guidelines for oral presentations:
Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, the authors should
aim at putting together a non-technical presentation and focus on the following:

15-minute talk
Understandable by a 4th year physics student
General description of the problem

More information and guidelines for the Ralph Nicholls award can be found

Your Physics and Astronomy Graduate Executive,

Mok, Carson (President)
Vergados, Panagiotis (VP, FGS and Departmental representative)
Rogerson, Jesse (VP Finance, GSA representative)