Hana Dobrovolny – Invited Speaker

Invited Speaker – Dr. Hana Dobrovolny

Time: 11:30- 12:00


Dr. Dobrovolny completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Winnipeg. She then moved to Pennsylvania for her Master’s at Bryn Mawr College, and completing her PhD at Duke University. She has now returned to Canada working at Ryerson University as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Beauchemin in the PhyMBIE (Physical Modelling in Biology, Immunology, and Ecology) group.

She has published papers in the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, the Biophysical Journal, and Physical Review Letters.

She even teaches here at York University. She is the course director for Biophysics I, and II, third and fourth year courses in the biophysics program.

Modelling of influenza infections

Influenza is a serious disease that kills thousands of people
every year and can kill millions in periodic pandemics. Modelling of the
with-in host dynamics of influenza is an emerging field that has helped to
provide insight into the disease process. Simple mathematical models have
shed light on the internal dynamics of the disease and have been used to
characterize influenza virus. They have also been used to test the effects
of drug therapy. This talk will present some simple models of influenza
dynamics and will discuss how they have influenced our understanding of this